A look back at 2016

To close out the year, let’s look at the top five most popular cartoons from 2016! Thank you to all of you who read my comics! I hope to keep you laughing for a long, long time!

Fifth Place

This was taken *directly* from my life… and evidently it happens to A LOT of other people too! I was happy to see it wasn’t just my kids.


Fourth Place

It’s fun to mess with siblings.


Third Place

I still do this all the time — and I think of this cartoon each time it happens!


Second Place

It turns out teen girls aren’t the only ones who do this. Sisters, roommates, friends… many are guilty!


First Place

I learned this year that a lot of us struggle with a sense of direction. Over on Facebook, this cartoon had a reach of 68 million people! What the WHAT??