Hi, I’m Adrienne Hedger, a writer and cartoonist.

hedger picIf you were to lower yourself via helicopter and stare into my office window, you would see me working on:

* Greeting cards for Recycled Paper Greetings
* Cartoons and articles for companies, including Momtastic and Disney’s Babble.
* Cartoons for this website!

I’ve also co-created three humor books: If These Boobs Could TalkMomnesia, and The World According to Toddlers.

Here Are Some Articles About My Cartoons:
* On Huffington Post
* On Upworthy
* On Bored Panda

How I Got Here
After college, I worked in corporate marketing and PR, then I left to become a freelance writer for companies. Around this time, I also started sending greeting card ideas to Recycled Paper Greetings, and was pleasantly surprised when they wanted to produce them.

Then a couple years (and two kids) later, a friend called me and asked, “Do you want to partner on a book? It’s going to be called ‘If These Boobs Could Talk!'” Once I confirmed that the book was about breastfeeding I was IN.

After “the boobs book” (that’s what my kids call it), my friend and I co-wrote two more books, and I did all the illustrations. Those books led to a four-year job cartooning for Nickelodeon’s NickMom website. It was pretty awesome.

When NickMom ended its run in 2015, I turned my attention to my own website and started posting cartoons every weekday. And here we are!

I still freelance write and create cartoons for companies, and I still create greeting cards. And of course, I’m posting new material here all the time! I’m glad you found my site. Stick around! Let’s have some fun.

Here’s a podcast where I was interviewed
And here’s my YouTube channel